Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mini Print and Yankee Swap

December 18th is a unique meeting.  First we had our MiniPrint Salon.  For the annual Mini Print Salon, print size is limited to 5’ x 7” and matte or mounting board size is limited to 11” x 14”.  There are both color and black and white categories which were judged by two of the club members.  Each member can enter one image in each category.  This is a great opportunity to enter images which can be printed on a small inkjet printer.  Over the years a variety of images have been entered on all subjects. 

The second event of the evening was our annual Yankee Gift  Swap.  Each member who wanted to be in the swap brought a wrapped gift which costs less than $15.  Each member then draws a number randomly from #1 to the number of members.  The gifts are placed in a pile in the center of the members chairs.  The member with #1 selects a gift and unwraps it.  The member with #2 then selects a gift and unwraps it.  If he/she prefers, you could swap it with the gift of member #1.  Member #3 can then swap his selected gift with either the gift of member 1 or 2.  This continues until all the members have opened a gift and select to swap it or keep it.  When all the gifts are open, member #1, who has not had the option of swapping, gets to swap with any of the other members.   Over the years, gifts have ranged from photographic gifts to gift cards to DD or Starbucks to bottles of wine to anything that the member thinks would be appreciated by another member.

Many of the members also brought in plates of cookies or other treats to share with fellow members. Photos of the event are attached below. Thanks to Karen Johnson for bringing a camera.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lowell Night Photography Field Trip

The NVPC Field Trip to Lowell for night photography on Sunday, December 8th, included members Tom Briere, Dottie Hunt, Mike Woessner, and Linda Lecuyer.  We also had a tag-along photographer, Tanya, who had been out shooting all day.  We shared information about the club benefits.  It was a rather CHILLY evening, but after all, we are HEARTY New Englanders.  We wandered around to see the city lights/holiday decorations.  Check out members’ images below.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sturbridge Village Field Trip

NVPC members Steve Bromley, Dick Wientzen, Jim Coutre, Larry and Sue Melander, and Linda Lecuyer headed down to Sturbridge Village on Saturday, 11/16.  It was a gorgeous fall day!  There were many photographic opportunities (as you can see, maybe some too graphic).  It was a different way of life in the early 1800s.  There were many artisans willing to pose and share their historical knowledge of the times.  Field trips offer a great opportunity for club members to share their knowledge and photography perspectives.  

See the images below from the field trip attendees.